Privacy Policy

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Our app, Dark Mode Theme for Instagram, needs only one permission: android.permission.INTERNET. This Android permission allows our app to access the internet which is necessary to retrieve information from Instagram servers.


Furthermore, we internally use a webbrowser to access To implement the dark mode, we change the style of Instagram by applying a local custom CSS file. Our own servers do not receive any of your information (including E-Mail address, password, posted content, mobile number etc.) We do not even have servers set up, because everything that happens on Instagram is directly delivered to and from Instagram and thus we do not have (or need) access to your information. Therefore, please refer to the privacy policy of Instagram for further information.

Google AdMob

We occasionally display ads provided by Google AdMob to finance this project. You have the option to disable personalized ads by visiting "Block certain ads". Please visit the following link to get more information on the privacy policy of Google: Google Privacy Policy

Google Firebase

We use Google Firebase to collect usage information to improve the app. The features we use (or want to use in the future) are:
To get more information on the privacy policy of Firebase, please visit this and "HOW GOOGLE USES INFORMATION FROM SITES OR APPS THAT USE OUR SERVICES". For more information on Googles privacy policy, visit this website.